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Best Buy! Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner (PA03540-B055)

Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner (PA03540-B055)

Product Description
Scan 18 double-sided pages per minute Advanced features for the ultimate ease of use! Auto paper size detection Auto de-skew Auto blank page removal Instantly create searchable PDF files Scan directly to Microsoft Office Applications Quickly organize business card information Increase productivity with enhanced functionality Simple installation and operation in a compact design Advance Exchange service program maximizes uptime Scanner Type: ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), Duplex color scanning Output: Color/B&W/Automatic color and Bi-tonal detection Image Sensor: 2x Color CCD (charged coupled device) Optical Resolution: 600 dpi Scanning Speed (A4): Normal mode: Color 150dpi, B&W 300dpi - Duplex 18 pages per minute / 36 images per minute Better mode: Color 200dpi, B&W 400dpi - Duplex 12 pages per minute / 24 images per minute Best mode: Color 300dpi, B&W 600dpi - Duplex 6 pages per minute / 12 images per minute Excellent mode: Color 600dpi, B&W 1,200dpi - Duplex 0.6 pages per minute / 1.2 images per minute Scanning Range: A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Business card, Letter, Legal and Custom sizes (can be set for Upto 5 different paper types) / Automatically recognizes paper type by paper length Use of Carrier sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, double letter and photographs as well as those listed above Paper Weight (Thickness): 14 ~ 34 lbs / 52 ~ 127 g/m2 Hopper Capacity: 50 Sheets (20lbs) Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 Compatible) Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro (SP4)/ XP (SP2)/ VISTA (32-bit) Power Requirement: 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz Power Consumption: Operating- 28W or less; Standby- 6W or less; Sleep- 1W Dimensions (WxDxH): 11.2 x 6.2 x 6.2 inch / 284 x 157 x 158 mm Weight: 5.9 lbs

  • Scan 18 double-sided pages per minute
  • Instantly create searchable PDF files
  • Scan directly to Microsoft Office Applications
  • Quickly organize business card information
  • Increase productivity with enhanced functionality

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Great scanner with poor software
The scanner is excellent, fast, does what the specifications says. Unfortunately packaged with very poor software support. Many of the programs are trial versions, or older versions. Would be great if at least we would have a recommendation for the best supporting software that will work with Fi 6130. Is that Paperport 12 pro, PDF Converter Pro 6.0, or Omnipage, or some others.

Great Product
Excellent scanner. Fast scanning with clear images. Scanning both sides (duplexing) does not compromise speed or clarity. Highly recommended.

Fantastic Scanner
You will not be disappointed in this scanner. It's an easy install, the pick up rollers never fail and the scanning speed matches our fastest Canon and Ricoh copier/scanners.

An Absolute Godsend
After researching my available choices, I purchased this scanner in order to digitize my awfully big collection of magazines. I have a very good paper cutter I purchased on eBay that allows me to cut a half inch off the side of the magazines removing the binding and any of the associated binding glues or staples. Getting this clean cut is necessary to do high volume scan feeds of magazines. I scan everything directly into Adobe Acrobat. I already had Acrobat Pro, but this scanner comes with Acrobat Standard which is all you need to do beautiful, fully rendered high quality color scans into PDF.

This Fujitsu scanner has a very small footprint compared to my lumbering Brother multi-function machine which has the ability to do auto-feeds for scanning as well, but don't let the size deceive you because this performs at a much higher level than any cheaper consumer scanner.

I looked for an alternative to the Brother because I need to scan about 2000 magazines and with a duplex feeder it would take me years the Brother is that slow. But this Fujitsu is a champ! It scans on both sides of the page at the same time so none of that laborious back feeding you see with a duplex feeder is necessary.

It zips through in a few seconds, recognizes both sides in a few seconds and then its on to the next page. It feeds about a dozen color double-sided magazine pages a minute which is 24 pages. A whole magazine therefore feeds in 3-5 minutes. I scan them at 400 DPI which results in crisp color images and very readable text.

After it feeds, I let the OCR program run so my text is searchable. This character recognition process is optional, but I consider it very important for my future digital archives which I will be able to then index and search. This OCR process takes three times longer than the actual scanning. Altogether, the scans and then the optical recognition of a 100-128 page color magazine may take 15-20 minutes. With a regular auto-feed scanner, it would take 3 hours and it would not be done as well. When scanning into PDF, remember to use Acrobat's PDF Optimization procedure which condenses the file size of the PDF by 40-70% without any noticeable loss in quality.

I am very impressed with the efficiency of this scanner and I am very happy it is enabling me to put two decades worth of archival material into high quality PDFs. I will no longer have to lug 20 boxes of magazines with me when I move. They will all be archived on a few DVDs. I'd say this scanner is worth every penny I paid for it. I did not see anything comparable. If you want to do anything like what I'm doing with PDFs, I'd encourage you to get this scanner. It's a workhorse. In the first two weeks, I've scanned 100 magazines flawlessly.

Nice Scanner
Setup for network recognition took some time and the assistance of Fujitsu technical support, which was very good.

Simple to use duplex scanner that is fast at 300 x 300 and much slower in color.

Scans odd sized documents in the same batch without jamming.

We plan to purchase another one.

More Info: Best Buy! Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner (PA03540-B055)

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